The Youth Information Service of Kazakhstan (YISK) is a nonprofit organization that unites interested young people willing to contribute their knowledge, energy, and intellect into the development of Kazakhstan.

How it began?
The service began its work in July 1998 in Almaty on the initiative of university students.
In June 1999 it was registered in the form of a non-governmental institution.
Since April 2002, re-registered in the form of the Public Fund.
The first advocacy campaigns
Students for a Reduced Fare
In 1998 students from different towns organized and proposed the introduction of discounted rides for students. Together with other organizations, we ensured a 50% discount per ride for students was introduced for consideration by the local government and later included in the law "About Youth Policy."
Students for a New Contract
In the years 2000 and 2001, we arranged for a new model of educational contracts, which needed to be refined, so that the rules would be consistent and the students would be the directors. With the support of the Eurasia Fund and the National Democratic Institute, the second democratic student advocacy campaign Students for a New Contract. The introduction of a new model of higher education contracts for training in higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan involved students from 15 cities. The result of this campaign was a new model for contracts with 17 universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Students for Better Service In Higher Education
The third student advocacy campaign, Students for Better Service In Higher Education, aimed to improve the quality of the services in institutes of higher education. Focal points included the maintenance of student dormitories and classrooms and improving the quality of food in the student cafes. The outcome of this work was improved maintenance in several universities and dormitories of Kazakhstan.

Work principles
We appreciate transparency and freedom to obtain and disseminate information
We believe in equality of rights and opportunities absolutely for all people on earth
We take into account the interests of everyone and share the idea of a just society
We adhere to the win-win principle and engage partners in the development
We like to act and change the environment, people and society for the better


ZhasCamp Youth [non]-conference is the largest annual event dedicated to social youth initiatives that has been held since 2010. Its objectives include engaging young people in social activities, networking and disseminating best social development practices.
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School of Civic Education
The School of Civic Education consists of a series of lectures for engaged youth given by politicians, businessmen, journalists, and public figures.

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School of Human Rights
The second stage of training after the School of Civic Education. The mission of the project is to train and educate young human rights defenders in Kazakhstan.
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Parliament Tour
The goal of the project is to involve youth and young professionals in law-making activities.
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The Development of Student Government
Under the framework of the program YISK has organized The First International Forum of Student Governments. Also a delegation of eight students from four Almaty universities, alongside employees of YISK, went on an educational visit to the student government of Poland.
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The Youth Policy Law
A coalition made up of 10 youth organizations from 9 cities was created, proposing 120 amendments at the conference of youth policy.
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The Young Voters' League
The mission of the project is to involve young people in elections, as one of the ways to participate in decision-making.
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Kazakhstan Internship Program
50 vacancies for paid internships at leading businesses in the Republic of Kazakhstan were provided to prepare students with education in economics. Program aimed at developing and supporting effective connection of businesses and institutions of higher education in the Central Asian region.
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1 300 — 3 500
young citizens annually pass through our projects
average annual number of publications in the press
35 million tenge
of attracted financing annually
branches in Kazakhstan
Human Library
At the heart of the Human Library is the idea of addressing stereotypes and discrimination: this is where people who have not had a chance to speak in everyday life are able to meet.
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Youth Spark Live
Microsoft's global initiative aimed at supporting young people in their quest to realize their potential in three key areas - education, employment and entrepreneurship.
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Home Evening
The goal of the project is the socialization of children from orphanages, who need communication, friendship and warmth, providing them with clothes, stationery, toys and holding meetings in the form of friendly gatherings and film screenings.
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At HRS I have deepened my knowledge of human rights. I'm studying to be a lawyer and this school was very helpful. I think this is the first project of this type in Kazakhstan. Young people need such schools, because many of us do not know our rights, but here we can acquire important knowledge and create our own projects.
Almagul Agadil
Human Rights School participant
ZhasCamp is expanding the boundaries of consciousness, providing a huge amount of food for reflection and introduces you to different, wonderful, interesting people. I had the opportunity to speak for a completely new audience and to present my project; I met representatives of active youth from different cities of Kazakhstan, and found like-minded people.
Aizhan Askarkyzy
ZhasCamp participant in Atyrau
Certainly, events of this kind do not compensate for everything that can be done, but still allow young people to break from stereotypes and to think. It seems to me that it is necessary to give young people more opportunity to speak out, that is, to encourage their own activity, initiate and speech craft.
Rassul Zhumaly
Political scientist, ZhasCamp speaker
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